unconventional as well as packed with wild travel. Usually perched in a tree, whipping up stuff in a kitchen, toasting records or hitting a yoga mat in a studio but rather, by a river.

From Turkey to India, via Thailand. Through Africa and the Caribbean, Hawaii, North and central America to name a few places in which pieces of my heart were left. Lands that were roamed at my paste, which is slow.

India stole my heart, but gave me in return something grand after my first few initial visits. YOGA.

And India will never be done with for me! Back and back and back…. a deep belief is strongly instilled in me, never over with. For sure there is a karmic relationship between the land and me.

A feeling of being blessed, or maybe dedicated enough to have studied with some very grand as well as inspiring teachers. The Iyengar practice kept me out of real trouble during my twenties and when extreme wildities were ready to be given up, Ashtanga & Jivamukti yoga set the tone of my thirties.

Many ask me, yet no, never been a ballerina, nor a dancer. My toes were out of reach when first started to practice. Though my hips were insanely open, my hamstring felt as hard as bamboo wood.

Dedication and perseverance is the key to understanding the body. You can teach with the mind…my classes are taught with what is felt by the heart and has been experienced by the body.

Freedom is achieved through discipline. Work hard, play hard, but give up what you believe makes you happy. It lies in energy, connections and it cannot be grasped by hands….

Nothing else than the quest for happiness and freedom is what guides me through the multiple layers of this ancient wisdom, life, by tapping into intuition with the best of my abilities and let go to be.

Ashtanga and Jivamukti Yoga in Geneva