As a practitioner and Master-Teacher of Reiki, lover of all things natural and simply…. spiritual, in my twenties my friends called me “white witch”.  After studying for my degree in psychology and having travelled around the globe, I devoted myself to running my holistic health and yoga centre in the UK.  I spent hours studying….aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, colour therapy, flower remedies, crystal and sound healing, yoga and more, I loved it all.

A few years later and now just into my thirties, India was calling me. I wanted to deep dive into the essence of this mystical country and fully explore the roots of yoga so I sold my centre and India became my home for the next three years. Here I became strongly rooted in spiritual practice, met my husband, David and began to host my own retreats. But we had to face it, life there in the long term, in spite of our love for India, was unsustainable.

Thailand was next, another paradise, yet I didn’t feel at home in the way I did in India. I wasn’t running my own business and although creating Ayurvedic detox programmes and a wonderful spa was a fantastic experience, it was part of someone else’s dream and it lacked my own touch. Part of my being had gone numb…

In search of a happier life, we moved to Bali and the feeling that was ignited in India returned… I wanted to work for myself, but another opportunity arose. I was hesitant yet ignored my intuition and jumped right in. I didn’t listen to the whispers of my heart and the dream soon turned into a nightmare. We returned to Europe broken and penniless.

Having experienced “both sides”, I know what it is to be a free-spirited woman, following her dreams but also, what it is to be trapped in another person’s reality. I since vowed never be untrue to myself again and to always listen to the whispers of my heart

Several years on, we now live between the magical island of Ibiza and glorious Goa, my two spiritual homes. Here I run healing retreats to help women to reconnect with themselves and their inner wisdom and create a life they love from a place of authenticity.